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Radiant Spirits is an IDA fiscally sponsored documentary film that chronicles the creation of the theatre show Transcending Voices through the entirety of its production. The play, which aims to raise social awareness and acceptance around human sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identification is set to open at The Castro Theatre in San Francisco, CA.

Our mission is for the film to act as a powerful tool to influence social discourse and advocate for fundamental human rights and equality. We aim to raise awareness and to generate positive cultural transformation with respect and the power of LOVE as the driving force for our shared human experience.  We are supporting the emergence of a coherent new story for humanity. 


Producer & Director - We are your Allies

 Producer Branden Barber has been involved with environmental and social justice for over 30 years, getting his start with Greenpeace and having worked for groups such as Rainforest Action Network, Amazon Watch, the Hoffman Institute, the International Bateson institute and Bioneers, and sits on several advisory boards. Having spent 10 years in the corporate and for profit sector, he has managed multi-million dollar budgets and large distributed teams. Organizational development has been his passion for the last decade and he’s happiest when he’s connected to the Greater Good, believing that service brings life meaning. Completely and utterly committed to equity and social

justice, working to promote human rights and equality is an opportunity for which he’s grateful.

Producer / Director Sarah McLeod is an Australian - American artist, activist, director, healer and founder of Vision Weaving: The Art of Transformation. 

She weaves healing through ritual, art, theatre, film and private sessions with individuals and groups. She is devoted to supporting people to heal their mind body and spirit and has an international clientele spanning five continents. Her artistry extends to music that facilitates healing and integration and is streamed and distributed to a worldwide audience through Insight Timer. Her first book, Spirit Guidance, is due for release soon through Citrine Publishing.

Undeterred by being turned down by film schools at an early age - she went to the New York Film Academy for an intensive and immersed herself in the San Francisco independent film scene, working on numerous films and creating of a number of her own short films; narrative, experimental and documentary. 

Her short, Outside In, was shown in 9 festivals worldwide and the short documentary, Raising the Bar, was created for the Victorian Bar and was publicly released at the St Kilda International Film Festival. 

Radiant Spirits will be her debut as  director on a feature documentary.


Coming Soon!

The film is currently in development.  When we have enough funds to pay a crew and book the Castro - we will launch into pre-production!  We have already cast many of the roles.


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